Education and understanding

We understand the challenges surrounding injuries that occur at work. We respect that accidents can occur and that sometimes people will get hurt, even with the best controls in place. But let's get something straight from the get-go, the Workers' Compensation Scheme in Australia is quite an amazing and generous system compared to other countries.

Quite frankly, we believe it's more than just a workers' right, but also a privilege when used as it is intended. The scheme allows for the best care in the shortest timeframe, at no cost to you. However, unfortunately sometimes the system is poorly understood and/or gets a bit messy. We make a point of explaining the system to you, together with your rights and responsibilities under the scheme.

We focus on solutions not causation, and while we anticipate you'll improve under our care, we make sure you're referred on to the right people/places if you don't.

Early intervention and return-to-work

At Tangibilis we are all about early intervention and return-to-work. Our approach is clear-cut and honest.

We endeavour to see you for assessment within 24 hours of calling us following a new injury.

We educate you on your diagnosis and begin your treatment plan immediately.

We communicate and correspond openly with all parties, including your doctor, supervisor, employer and insurer after the first consultation and at regular intervals thereafter.

We refer for appropriate scans or specialist opinion according to the clinical necessity or as the situation dictates.

We use the best of physiotherapy evidence to treat your injury with your active participation in exercise prescription. We do not over-treat.

We consider staying-at-work or promptly returning-to-work to be essential for recovery.

Physiotherapy for work-related injuries and motor accidents

We've got you covered

Being injured at work doesn't always mean taking time off work. Evidence suggests that staying at work has very important health and wellbeing benefits. Our early intervention plan can help prevent long-term disability and improve the likelihood of you continuing to work once you’ve returned. Did you know a rapid return to work also facilitates:

  • Less disruption to family, work and social life
  • Improved financial security
  • Less time spent recovering from your injury
  • Reduced level of impairment.

If you've been injured at work, come and see us as soon as you can. We've got you covered.

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