Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Workstation Assessments

Never before have workstation ergonomics been so important. During the pandemic we saw countless people transition to working from home, with dreadfully poor set-ups and therefore higher frequencies of neck pain and postural soreness. Wrong chairs, desks too high or low, laptops instead of good!

At Tangibilis, all of our physiotherapists are trained in how to properly set up a comfortable workstation. If your job requires you to use a computer for long periods of your week, this is essential. Whatever your budget, we can advise the best set-up for your situation. It all starts with your feet, let us show you. Call our friendly team and we'll come to your workplace, take some measurements, set you up properly, offer you advice and provide you a report to consider your options. If you'd like us to help with equipment procurement, just ask us and we'll fit you out.

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Ergonomic Assessments and Advice Need to discuss? Request a callback.

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