Modern rehabilitation and strength & conditioning training for sports injuries

Chances are, if you play sport, you've experienced an injury. Whether you've rolled your ankle, torn a hammy or dislocated your shoulder, we understand sports injuries are not just painful, but frustrating and disappointing. We get that you're passionate about your sport, that's why we're as equally passionate about helping you get back on your horse - so to speak!

Sports injuries are super common

Sports injuries occur at every age and level of competition. This is mainly because of the high physical stress placed on bones, joints and soft tissues. Injuries can be from sudden trauma or over-use. Whatever the case, sports injuries require expert assessment and where possible, a more accelerated treatment plan.

How we help

Our sports & exercise physiotherapists manage your injury safely from day one to return-to-play using modern treatments and rehabilitation, including strength and conditioning programs. That's right, we're qualified in exercise physiology, so we have the full gamut of skills to get you sorted. We provide useful tips and realistic expectations for recovery. What's more, we'll teach you how to prevent the injury from recurring and monitor your progress all the way.

We understand that sometimes things don't always go according to plan and complications can arise. If need be, we can refer you for scans (MRI, ultrasound, x-ray) or specialist orthopaedic opinion.

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