Onsite Physiotherapy Services

As Physiotherapists working in Occupational Health, we understand the integral role we play in Injury Management. We are widely considered the MSK subject matter experts and know how to manage injuries effectively in pathological, psychological and vocational terms. We also understand injury classification processes and the potential for statistical ramifications. We are in the unique position of being able to assist with injury prevention, treatment, classification and return to work.

Speed up recovery with our Early Intervention services

The first 96 hours following an injury to an employee are critical. The longer it takes to assess an injury and commence treatment, the longer your team member's recovery and return-to-work is likely to be.

With our Early Intervention services, our physiotherapists coordinate with your HSE advisors to ensure injured workers are assessed, treated and assisted to return-to-work through:

  • Same-day assessments onsite, or at our Berrimah clinics
  • Prioritised appointments for work-related injuries
  • Telehealth assessments for remote locations
  • Onsite and in-clinic treatment options, including access to our Occupational Physician
  • Effective and cohesive return-to-work planning
  • Succinct and transparent communication to assist HSE and other key stakeholders

Without Early Intervention services, there is the potential for missed opportunity to minimise the effects of physical and psychological injury on your workers, accelerate their recovery and maintain business continuity.

Know the health of your organisation with validated Pre-employment and Periodic Medicals (functionals only)

There are a couple of truths you should know about the state of Australian adult health demographics. One is we're an ageing workforce and the other is we're the most unfit and deconditioned we've ever been, with rates of chronic illness, obesity and sedentary lifestyles escalating. It's little wonder we're seeing high rates of injury in some workforce sectors. Use of health surveillance initiatives is the cornerstone of understanding your people from pre-hire to retire.

With our Pre-employment/Periodic Medicals (PEM/PMs) and assistance with health surveillance initiatives, we can help you screen your workforce to assess functional and cognitive fitness for work through:

  • Knowledge of your industry, matching people to jobs
  • Assessing for possible risk factors using standardised, non-discriminatory, validated tests
  • Convenient onsite PEM/PMs and health surveillance in conjunction with your Paramedic or Occupational Health Nurse using your format/criteria
  • Use your format/criteria or ours (we use JobFit System's PEFA) at our Berrimah clinics
  • Concise and prompt completion of data for your health surveillance storage

Onsite Physiotherapy Services

As physiotherapists, we're functional movement experts and experienced to screen your prospective employees using a variety of validated tests and tools to ensure there is minimal risk of injury to your workforce or organisation.

Please note we do not perform spirometry, audiometry, vision or drug screens.

Onsite Physiotherapy Services

Allow us to select the most appropriate prestart exercises for your crew. You can be assured they'll be applicable to the workscope and take into consideration the most prevalent injury hotspots to help get your day underway. We can even make posters and other safety promotion material for your cribs and office areas.

Inspire your people with stimulating and factual Toolbox Talks plus effective Prestart Exercise sessions

Prestarts are a fantastic time to share motivating stories and safety information on injury prevention prior to undertaking the days' work. We find this is often taken in better by the workforce when a subject matter experts delivers the session.

It is essential Toolbox Talks and Prestarts are tailored to your workforce's age, gender and health demographics plus scope of work, otherwise they'll lose interest quickly and switch off. We keep our information relevant, succinct and snappy, stand-up or more formal if you like. You can choose from our vast array of topics including:

  • Myth-busting low back pain
  • Risk factors for common MSK injuries and illnesses
  • Posture, Tech-Neck and why you should change your habits
  • The lifting debate
  • Human mechanical advantage - it's simple physics
  • Exercise hierarchy - good, better, best
  • Avoiding sedentary behaviours and how to get started)
  • BMI vs waist girth

We'll provide helpful tips and keep your workforce engaged.

Need to discuss? Request a callback.

Onsite Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Need to discuss? Request a callback.

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