What causes ankle and foot pain?

Ankle injuries can be severe and involve a fracture of the distal bones (tibia/fibula/talus), but more commonly result in a ligament sprain (a degree of tearing). The common sprain occurs when you roll your ankle inward or outward. Pain is often felt on the outside of your ankle bone (fibula/malleolus). Swelling can be quite profuse and cause great difficulty walking in the first few days.

Managing ankle and foot pain

Do not heat, ingest alcohol or run on a badly swollen ankle or foot. The best advice is to ice, compress and elevate your foot as frequently as possible in the first 48 hours before seeking an assessment from one of our expert physiotherapists. We'll make sure you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back on your feet.

Common ankle and foot pain treatments

  • Foot and ankle taping/bracing
  • Pre-fabricated orthotics and heel wedges
  • Foot and ankle mobilisation and manipulation
  • Soft and deep tissue techniques
  • Ice therapy and contrast baths
  • Balance, plyometric and proprioceptive rehabilitation
  • Exercises for range of motion and strength
  • Dry needling
  • Return to run and sport programs
  • Advice on appropriate shoewear

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