Can I choose my own physiotherapist?

Yes, absolutely! It is your right as a consumer to have the freedom to choose your preferred physio. You can opt for whoever you like. However if you have a more serious injury requiring longer-term rehabilitation, (i.e. expected to take a number of months) we may ask for your consent to share your care with a number of Tangibilis physios.

How can I pay?

We have the convenience of Healthpoint software for instant Private Health Insurance rebates and EFTPOS for any gap payments required. We also accept cash. The nearest ATM is 350m away at the Westpac Bank in Darwin Corporate Park.

What's your cancellation policy?

We respect your choice to cancel when obligations clash or if maybe you feel better. Out of courtesy, we ask for 24 hours' notice where possible, so that we can offer the appointment to those on our waiting list.

How long will I have to wait until the next available appointment?

Depending on the nature and urgency of your injury, one of our physios will try to see you within 2 business days of your inquiry. Where this is not possible, we will place you on a Priority Waiting List to be seen ASAP. Cancellations from other patients can sometimes free-up space on the day. Alternatively, ask us about our Express Consult service, where we can perform a brief assessment and/or simple remedy (e.g. strapping) on-the-hop, pending availability of physios at the time.

How long are the appointments?

We allow up to 40 minutes for Initial Consultations and up to 30 minutes for follow-ups (Subsequent Consultations). We use this time effectively to treat your condition, educate you on relevant exercises and assist with administrative tasks pertaining to your care (e.g. clinical notes, referrals, rebooking, etc). We respect your time and trust you'll respect ours in return.

Do I need a doctor's referral to make an initial appointment?

No, absolutely not. Despite public perception, you don't need a written referral from your GP to see us as a private patient. The only exceptions to this are injuries managed under Worker's Compensation, Motor Accidents Compensation and the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Will I have to wait long at the physio?

No, we're pretty good at keeping to schedule. We like to honour your time and our own. However, sometimes there are small delays of 5-10 mins. We will call you if any more than this is anticipated, apologising for any inconvenience. Fortunately, we have a comfortable, light and airy waiting area with free WiFi, quality sounds (Double J of course) and the best YouTube clips on loop to entertain you. Or, you could just look at your phone....but don't get "text neck!"

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, which won't get in the way when moving or stretching your body in unusual positions. If you're not sure, just bring some shorts and a singlet with you. During your session, some items of clothing may be asked to be moved out of the way or even removed by your physio, of course with your consent.

How frequently will I need physio after my first visit?

We are realistic and honest with you in our recovery and healing expectations, but at the same time we are respectful of the financial commitment it takes on your behalf to get yourself right. So, depending on the nature of your condition or complaint, we'll tell you up front (at the end of your initial assessment) and discuss, as part of your Tailored Health Plan, the number of times or the tempo of sessions you should expect to recover in. Because we are on the front foot from the beginning, you don't get any nasty "surprises" along the way.

What is Tangibilis and how do you say it?

Tangibilis is Latin for tangible. Pronounced from tangō ("touch"). Adjective - tangible, tactile, real or actual; Noun - solid or concrete.

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