Task Analysis

Task Analysis & Manual Task Risk Assessments (ManTRA)

Let's say a worker is seriously injured in your workplace while performing a manual task. Following the initial first aid response and ensuring appropriate care for the worker, an internal/external investigation would occur. This may result in a wide-ranging report, outlining contributing factors and opportunities for improvement. In HSE terms, the findings of this report would make for a Lag Indicator of future injury risk.

Let's now hypothesise the worker or HSE Advisor had recognised the manual task carried an elevated risk of injury beforehand? The workplace may have chosen to undertake a Task Analysis, including a Manual Task Risk Assessment (ManTRA) score, to identify/quantify the hazards/exposure levels and help determine the most practical control measures for minimising harm. By doing so, the organisation would be undertaking a Lead Indicator initiative in risk classification. This would be considered proactive rather than reactive, and therefore more desirable in preventative terms.

Continual cyclic Task Analysis with ManTRAs for your more hazardous jobs are designed to review physical characteristics of tasks, improve controls, reduce injuries and make cost savings in workers' compensation claims.

We perform Task Analysis and ManTRAs in conjunction with HSE Advisors for Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, Government, Agriculture, Tourism and Hospitality. We can also do it for you, no matter the size of your organisation. We use the best available software and generate easy-to-understand reports for educating your workforce and executing change in task procedure. This information is also very handy for induction and return-to-work considerations.

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