What causes shoulder pain?

The shoulder is a multi-directional joint and could be considered inherently unstable due to its shallow ball and socket. Problems normally arise as a result of compression of shoulder tissue (impingement) or laxity in the structures supporting the joint (instability/dislocation). Sometimes both!

More often than not, people with shoulder problems experience discomfort ranging from aching at rest/night, stiffness with movement (e.g. behind your back), catching pain on reaching or weakness on lifting seemingly light loads. Whatever the case, we can expertly assess and diagnose your shoulder problem and provide the right pathway of treatment.

Managing shoulder pain

You may have heard of more specific diagnoses like rotator cuff tendinosis/tears, labral tears, inflammatory bursitis, AC joint sprains or frozen shoulder. Some of these can be diagnosed via MRI or ultrasound scans, but take it from us, they are common findings even in people without shoulder problems. Our experience is these conditions are manageable with physiotherapy and exercise. Balanced strength in the right tissues is often the key. Rest assured, if required we can refer you for scans and send you for specialist opinion.

Common should pain treatments

  • Soft & deep tissue massage/release
  • Shoulder mobilisation and stretching
  • Scapular stabilisation and strengthening exercises
  • Comprehensive post-operative shoulder rehabilitation
  • Dry needling
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Postural correction and exercises for life

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